About Dylan Tanaka

Your Favorite Real Estate Entrepreneur From Metro Detroit

About Dylan 

Your Favorite Real Estate Entrepreneur From Metro Detroit

Real Estate In Changing...
Are You Keeping Up?

Most real estate investors will struggle until the learn how to close every close-able lead.

It's not about sales...it's about being armed with the right weapons when you go into battle.  The real estate market is more competitive than it's ever been and doesn't look like it's letting up anytime soon.

This is why our movement, The Hybrid Investor Agent Shift will change the the real estate business forever.

Partner With Me

Let's work together!  If you're a licensed real estate agent or are thinking about getting your license I want to be your partner.

Click the link below to learn more about all of the benefits you receive by working with me and my nationwide team of Hybrid Investor Agents.

After nearly 2 decades in the real estate business I believe future of real estate belongs to Hybrid Investor Agents. Those who are not incorporating and harnessing this concept are selling themselves far short of the results they should be achieving. It is not only a vital shift for survival as an agent or investor, but for realizing your full potential in income, scale, wealth, quality of life and impact. 

What's Up World!
 I'm Dylan Tanaka

Since 2003 I've been investing in real estate and coaching entrepreneurs.  Successfully making it though many different real estate cycles I've discovered the secret to building a long-lasting real estate business - I want you to come on this journey with me.

"Awesome, Genuine & Knowledgeable"

James Spence

Dallas, TX

Here's how I can help you.

STOP Throwing Away Your Leads

My simple yet effective Hybrid Investing Strategy will show you how to earn income on every close-able deal

Build A Real Business 

Being completely transactional in real estate is a recipe for disaster...You need to build a residual income

Can You Retire Someday?

Most real estate investors and agents will die with a lockbox on their hand....my proven strategy will show you retire on your terms in less than 5 years

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